diji_smlNote 1: this page contains instructions A for Standard operation, and B for Buretta operation
Note 2: some minor details of your diji type may differ in the diagrams used here but the product use is basically the same.


  1. Mishandling of liquid chemicals and liquids containing biohazards can result in contamination of the user causing injury or death.
  2. The failure to follow appropriate and adequate laboratory safety techniques, and/or the use of diji equipment for any purpose other than that for which they are intended, may result in severe injury or even death.
  3. Persons using diji equipment for the purposes of technical or laboratory analysis must have adequate and appropriate training to recognize the nature and dangers of any chemicals, biological or other agents that they might handle before attempting to use diji equipment.
  4. Always follow safe laboratory practices when using diji equipment including the use of appropriate and adequate hand and eye protection at all times. Always use rubber gloves when using diji equipment with dangerous liquids, and ensure equipment is washed thoroughly immediately after use.
  5. Safety warnings and instructions must be read and understood before using diji equipment.
  6. To prevent misuse of diji equipment, always keep and display these warnings and safety instructions with the equipment.
  7. Use diji equipment only for the purposes of handling industrial and laboratory liquids for technical analysis. Dispense liquids at atmospheric pressure only.
  8. Never under any circumstances insert any part of diji equipment into the mouth.
  9. The presence of liquid above the seal indicates equipment malfunction in which case the equipment must not be used until repaired.

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