Used for analytical chemistry, medicine, agriculture, pharmacy, biology, dietetics, manufacturing, food analysis, geosciences,
water, viticulture and brewing, textiles.

All diji posses the following attributes although some aspects are heightened in the various models.

    • Replaces pipette + bulb, and attendant leaks and broken pipette injuries
    • Used as a bulb pipette, graduated pipette and burette – all in one
    • Use freehand in the lab or in the field or set up in a burette stand
    • Greater versatility enables reduction of pipetting equipment
    • Greater control of dispensing process results in greater precision
    • Greater precision and controlability enables one diji to be used over a wide volume range
    • Trouble free fluid transfer and titrating
    • Short and rigid design make diji ideal for working in hoods
    • Will not drip when handling volatile solvents
    • Handles viscous fluids accurately and with ease, e.g. Triton detergent
    • ISO A grade or Volumetric accuracy
    • More durable than fillers and pipettes
    • Screw attachment of Syrette (pipette) eliminates problems of insecure pipette attachment
    • Easier operation makes for faster work
    • Less glassware cleaning and handling
    • Easy cleaning and versatility results in less set up and clean up time
    • Contamination of workings with fluid is not possible
    • Handy wall hanger helps you can make maximum use of dijis amazing versatility
    • Can be put down mid-task while still full, without leaking - dispense multiple aliquots
    • All parts replaceable and diji is fully fixable
    • Handles all fluid types – acids, alkali, hydrocarbons, solvents, and viscous mixtures
    • Colour coded
    • Reduces environmental contamination by pipette residues by 50%
    • Autoclavable
    • Great for field work


    • Volume read at high visibility red line on seal, or meniscus
    • ISO Class A accuracy
    • sizes 5,10,25mL


    • fluid level read at red line to avoid parallax error
    • finer graduations than Standard model
    • ISO Volumetric A Class accuracy
    • 1,2,5,10,25mL

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