diji_sml Educational

Junior and Senior High Schools & Universities

Why use diji:

    • Replaces pipette + bulb, and attendant leaks
    • Screw pipette attachment prevents injuries caused by breaking glass pipettes while pushing them into fillers
    • Trouble free fluid transfer and titrating
    • Greater precision is achieved by students because diji is easier to use.
    • Doubles as a portable burette
    • Better student outcomes are delivered because diji is easier to use
    • More progress per lesson results from fewer mistakes and errors
    • More time can be spent doing practical chemistry
    • Less set up and clean up time is needed because of diji's easy clean-ability and versatility.
    • Contamination of workings is not possible
    • Reduced equipment breakage
    • Versatility provides multiple uses in biology, chemistry, and data logging

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    • Replaces pipette, filler / controller, burette
    • Volume transfer and titrating
    • Read fluid level with a meniscus or a red line
    • Traditional reading and graduations


    • Buretta is used when diji is frequently used to replace Burettes and Volumetric pipettes.
    • Graduation markings are finer and cover total volume (same as a Burette)
    • Calibrated to the highest pipette accuracy rating - ISO Volumetric A grade accuracy
    • red line reading

Plastic A

    • The only ISO A grade accuracy plastic pipette
    • 10 and 25 ml
    • Meniscus operation
    • Styrene plastic for the ultimate in safety
    • Reusable many times over
    • Resistant to most chemicals except polar solvents

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