Make diji pipette: the safest choice

Innovative half syringe, half pipette designed for your convenience

diji is the unique, innovative scientific instrument designed for easier handling of laboratory liquids. Half syringe and half pipette, diji offers the ultimate precision and ease of use, with ergonomic design that eliminates wrist and finger tension for more effective long term handling.

With products available for both educational and industrial purposes, the diji pipette and burette offers the perfect solution for faster work, higher precision, greater progress, lower costs and more effective use of time. Find out how to  revolutionize your liquid handling -  head over to the online store now.

diji pipette: The safest choice

  The diji pipette / burette is the safest choice for all your laboratory practices, whether educational or industrial. Designed for accuracy and ease of use,  the diji pipette delivers great improvements in liquid handling precision, with a detachable pipette with a piston running inside that offers amazing control.

For greater safety, the diji pipette is designed to prevent breakage and the injuries or damages that may result. The Syrette screws tightly into the hand-piece such that it cannot fall out. Together, the screw attachment and optional fluoroplastic sheathing help to prevent glass piercing injuries, and, if glass breakage does occur, the optional fluoroplastic sheathing works to constrain glass and liquids. So choose the pipette that minimizes your risks. Check out the diji pipette and make the safer choice for your liquid handling.

Educational pipettors for all levels of learning

Industrial pipettes: Precise, durable, versatile

diji burette and pipette: The advantages

The diji pipette / burette is highly versatile, acting as a burette, bulb pipette and graduated pipette all in one. You can set the diji pipette up like a burette or use it freehand, allowing great freedom and flexibility, so that it is suitable for both lab and field work.

Available in 1, 2, 5, 10 and 25mL, the convenient design allows you to dispense multiple aliquots from one filling, with no leakage and reduced likelihood of breakage. So for a pipette/burette that offers a safer environment, more progress and faster work, choose the diji. This is one pipette that does it all.

The pipette that does it all

The diji is an innovative pipette that makes all your laboratory liquid handling easier, safer and more convenient. Designed for durability, this versatile pipette does everything a burette, bulb pipette and graduated pipette does - all in one, ergonomically designed device. So for all your liquid handling, choose the pipette that offers everything you need.