A Instructions

eason-first-10-010 diji STANDARD, meniscus and red line reading
diji ACCUSAFE plastic, meniscus reading only

Ensure diji is equipped with a meniscus operation Syrette (pipette).This has a bottom graduation mark less than total Syrette volume e.g. 10mL = 9.3mL - - 25mL = 23mL

  • Hold the hand-piece in the palm of your hand with the piston rod exiting the hand-piece under your thumb.
  • Stroke the piston rod with your thumb or pull the ball on the end of the piston rod upwards to suck fluid and downwards to dispense. Pull steadily without causing cavitation.
  • Before filling, wet the seal with some of the fluid being handled by thumbing up and down with the seal in the jet.

To use by reading the Meniscus: The meniscus is best used when dispensing the full Syrette volume.

The full Syrette volume has been dispensed when the jet is empty. Start filling with the top of the seal at about the 22 ml mark, to avoid the seal protruding into the liquid.Thumb upwards to fill diji to above the desired level. Thumb downwards to set meniscus on the zero graduation. Read the bottom of the meniscus at the top of the graduation line. Dispense with the tip of the diji Syrette touching the side of the receptacle.

To expel the last drop, retract the seal one thumb stroke, wait 3 seconds and then push the piston down fully again, once only, with the Syrette tip touching the receptacle.
To use by reading the red line: The red line is used for partial volume transfers, titrating, use with viscous or coloured fluids.
The full Syrette volume has been dispensed when you start at the negative graduation and dispense until the red line is level with the bottom FULL graduation mark, e.g. -1 ml to 9.0mL = 10 ml dispensed.
Thumb the seal rapidly up and down in the jet to remove most of the air from below the seal. Start filling with the seal fully in the jet. Thumb upwards to set the red line exactly on the negative graduation e.g. -2. Remove drips from the Syrette tip. Dispense with the tip of the diji Syrette touching the side of the receptacle. When using the red line, make sure you do not draw air into the Syrette accidentally while dispensing, as this will result in inaccuracies in volume.
  • Use red line reading for titrating, accurately measuring viscous fluids and highly coloured fluids
  • to avoid possibility of the final volume being in the unmarked jet area when titrating
  • improved precision

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