B Instructions

eason-first-10-010- diji BURETTA, red line reading

Use Syrette with bottom graduation marked with total Syrette volume e.g. 25ml

The full Syrette volume has been dispensed when you start at 0 and dispense until the red line is level with the bottom graduation mark, e.g. 0mL to 10mL = 10mL dispensed.


Hold the hand-piece in the palm of your hand with the piston rod exiting the handpiece under your thumb.

  1. Stroke the piston rod with your thumb – upwards to suck fluid and downwards to dispense. For rapid filling, pull the coloured ball on the end of the piston rod.
  2. To fill, firstly expell most of the air below the seal. To do this, set the seal fully down into the jet, thumb the piston rod up and down rapidly.
  3. Thumb upwards to fill diji to the desired level. Fill slowly to avoid cavitation and sucking in air below seal.
  4. Read the fluid level at the middle of the red line. – see diagram below
  5. Dispense with the tip of the diji Syrette touching the side of the receptacle. (See end of Industrial Video)


  • General use – clean the inside of the Syrette by filling and emptying with water.
  • Thorough clean - remove Syrette from handpiece and wash all parts separately as glassware.
  • diji is steam autoclavable at 120°C for 20 minutes.
  • Cleaning for immediate reuse with another chemical - Flush with water. Take small amount of chemical to be used, invert diji then draw up the piston, dispense all fluid to waste. Repeat according to sensitivity of test procedure. Fill with required chemical and proceed.


Wash all chemicals off seal area – ensure Syrette is moistened inside.

Increase or decrease the seal diameter as follows:

  1. Rotate the knurled roller situated above the seal to tighten it or loosen it against the seal assembly. Tightening it increases the diameter of the seal and vice versa. Final adjustment should require only about 1/2 a turn For 1ml  and 2 ml sizes, grasp the seal and turn clockwise (looking up the piston from the seal end) to tighten, anticlockwise to loosen as in diagram below.
  2. Reinsert seal into Syrette to test fit. Repeat as needed.
  3. Screw Syrette into the handgrip. Final adjustment should require only about 1/2 a turn.


  • Diji should never leak as the seal diameter is adjustable as in the diagram below
  • All parts are replaceable

buretta seal adjustment1  2 ml jpg

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